Distributed softwares
I am distributing parts of softwares I developed for my experiments. They work under Windows 98, Me, and XP. Prior to download, please read the agreements in the next section.

All the softwares distributed on the present website are available for free. Whether profit or non-profit uses are not asked. Users retain the copyright of the analyzed data, and may use them in conferences or publications. However users must agree with the following provisions.

* For profit use, you must contact me in advance.
* You are prohibited to copy or redistribute softwares without my permission.
* I assume no responsibility, and do not compensate for damages resulted from my softwares.
* When you present data analyzed with my program in conferences or publications, I hope that you would refer my name or the name of software in their acknowledgements. (This provision is not duty.)

If you can agree with the above provisions, click the following "I agree" button"; once you clicked the button, you are regarded as accepting the agreements. If there are questionable points on the above description, you may email me.

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