What is this website for?
The original website of New Kota's page plus was opened about 8 years ago to distribute softwares I developed. Now, I am distributing analysis tools associated with my research in university for free. On the present website, information on analysis technique and on my research subject, surface science, is also posted.

Targeted visitor
This website is intended to be viewed by scientists and students that are interested in scanning probe microscopy, surface science, or computer programming. However, I also welcome people who are unfamiliar to these topics.

System requirements
New Kota's page plus is designed with cascade style sheets (CSS), and a browser supporting them is required to see all contents. Resolution and color of display are optimized to 1024 x 768 pixels and 16 bits (or more), respectively. Javascript should be available.

It was confirmed that this website can be viewed with Opera 6, Microsoft Internet Explore 6 & 7

Softwares used to construct this website
Adobe Illustrator CS2
IBM Homepage Builder 8
Ex-tool Shade R5 personal edition

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